Jutta Heinsohn has been a horse trainer for over 40 years.  She began her education in Germany and from her outstanding early Bereiter training she started to work with horses and riders looking for a compassionate trainer with a classical and correct foundation which continued to evolve with each horse/rider combination that came to her for guidance.  Jutta moved to the USA in 1980 and became a US Citizen in 2000.


Jutta’s equestrian education has continued with every clinic attended, horse trained or retrained, and every rider to have touched her life.  Her personal goal has always been to pass along what she has learned to others.  It matters not if you are starting your riding career as a young rider or later in life;  Jutta shares her knowledge and helps create joy in your horse experience through compassionate correct training and instruction.



Whether your personal goals are to compete locally or nationally, or simply to learn how to ride your horse in a way that makes him/her a better partner, Jutta can design a program for you.  Every rider, paired with an appropriate equine partner can learn how come together as a unit, learn together, and reach your goals together.  Yes, it takes desire, commitment, and fortitude; but the rewards are individual, attainable, and sustainable!


Ocala, Central Florida – “the Horse Capitol of the World” as boasted on the city’s welcome sign.

J’EQUESTRIENNE QUOTE: Less IS More… Consider that a horse feels a fly… even a midge on their skin. Provide your horse the opportunity to respond to a light touch with the leg, seat and/or artificial aid, and DON’T nag. If your horse blocks out your light touch, ask with more – quickly and only once – then return to light cues. With consistency and good timing you will find your horse requires less effort to get more result! ~ Jutta Heinsohn