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28 07, 2016

Try A Freestyle!

As a dressage rider – whether new to the sport, a long-timer, or coming back to the sport later in life; we all seek those “aha” moments, harmony between horse and rider, and…well simply…JOY. Those moments can sometimes be elusive, and goodness knows dressage is an exacting sport, particularly as we go up the levels. This is where the “FREESTYLE” comes in. I like to ride to music, even if it is background music…I ride more relaxed and the horse responds to the music as […]

17 01, 2015

USDF Awards

With 2015 here and a new show season ahead, it was nice for Jutta to receive her 2014 USDF awards in the mail for All Breed and Vintage Awards. Jutta used to “fash” at qualifying for “Vintage” anything (well, aside from clothes or a car), but as the years advance she has realized it is nice to be recognized – shows there is still traceable worth in her seat, legs and hands. Jutta only consistently showed one horse enough to qualify for USDF […]

21 10, 2014

A Visual Feast

Laurie produced a marvelous visual feast in this magazine ad. Placed in The P.R.E. Horse magazine for their special edition, we thought it the proper time to acknowledge all P.R.E. horses in open competition, recognizing their unique contributions to the equine experience. We hope you enjoy the image, and thank you GrafX by Laurie for creating the design! Jutta_2014_FPSH_web

22 07, 2014

Head, Shoulder, Hip and Heels?

What is the importance of head, shoulder, hip and heels alignment, and how does it affect a horse’s way of going?

Try this self analysis exercise for me… Stand on the ground with your legs approximately 2-2’6″ apart and with bent knees, align your body so that your ears are over your shoulders, your shoulders are over your hip, and your heels (ankles actually since you are flat-footed on the ground) are aligned directly in line with your hip… Find your balance while keeping head […]

28 05, 2014

What is Leg Yield

One of the first ‘yielding’ lateral exercises in the development of horse and rider. It is a suppling exercise as well as being a fundamental lateral movement at its core that will greatly improve the horse’s longitudinal and lateral flexibility. At the same time the rider is introduced to learning how to balance and control the sideways driving aids and the outside (holding) aids by feel and timing. Later in training the leg-yield is used to not only supple, but also to encourage self […]

22 05, 2014

“Less is More”

Consider that a horse feels a fly… even a midge on their skin, so being able to ask and achieve the desired result is a better goal than having to tell for the same result.

Provide your horse the opportunity to respond to a light touch with the leg, seat and/or artificial aid, and DON’T nag [a horse will tune out a nagging aid]. If your horse blocks out your light touch, ask with more – quickly and only once – then return to light queries.

With […]

20 05, 2014


Da Koschel (Dolce), ridden by Jutta Heinsohn and owned by Terri Smith Da Koschel (Dolce), ridden by Jutta Heinsohn and owned by Terri Smith J’Equestrienne’s second foray to show in 2014 (mid-May) was a HOT ONE! Humidity levels soared on Sunday, making it very necessary to keep riders, horses (particularly the two black ones), and owners hydrated and cool. That presented some interesting opportunities as the show rings were about a 5 minute ride […]

19 05, 2014

What is a Half-Halt?

At its most subtle, the half-halt is a moment where you close then release (long pulse) your seat, leg, and hand aids to increase the attention – and improve the balance of – your horse in preparation for any transition/movement.

Through the correct use of the half-halt we create energy and as that energy is collected it can be used to clarify and benefit any movement or transition. When you attain that pivotal state between attention and balance you own it all!

15 05, 2014


IMG_4346a_web April 2014 – Jutta on board.

J’Equestrienne bids adieu to Alcazar (a lovely and gentle P.R.E. gelding) for the Summer Season!  He is heading home to Canada to Linda this week for some needed ‘Mommy’ time, and then we look forward to seeing them both back for our Fall and Winter months of 2014!

Alcazar became part of the J’Equestrienne’s family in December 2013, at the end of his colic surgery recovery. Together Linda and Alcazar came […]

5 05, 2014

What About “Circles”?

All circles are measured by their diameter. A 20-meter circle, therefore, is a circle with a 20 meter diameter. The general circle sizes in dressage tests are: 20, 15, and 10 meters. Half-circles are incorporated in both training and test levels [an example is the “serpentine”]. Volte and Pessade are also variations of circles incorporated in higher levels of training.


The 20-meter circle is arguably one of the most important training figures in dressage and is seen […]

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