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28 07, 2016

Try A Freestyle!

As a dressage rider – whether new to the sport, a long-timer, or coming back to the sport later in life; we all seek those “aha” moments, harmony between horse and rider, and…well simply…JOY. Those moments can sometimes be elusive, and goodness knows dressage is an exacting sport, particularly as we go up the levels. This is where the “FREESTYLE” comes in. I like to ride to music, even if it is background music…I ride more relaxed and the horse responds to the music as […]

17 01, 2015

USDF Awards

With 2015 here and a new show season ahead, it was nice for Jutta to receive her 2014 USDF awards in the mail for All Breed and Vintage Awards. Jutta used to “fash” at qualifying for “Vintage” anything (well, aside from clothes or a car), but as the years advance she has realized it is nice to be recognized – shows there is still traceable worth in her seat, legs and hands. Jutta only consistently showed one horse enough to qualify for USDF […]

21 10, 2014

A Visual Feast

Laurie produced a marvelous visual feast in this magazine ad. Placed in The P.R.E. Horse magazine for their special edition, we thought it the proper time to acknowledge all P.R.E. horses in open competition, recognizing their unique contributions to the equine experience. We hope you enjoy the image, and thank you GrafX by Laurie for creating the design! Jutta_2014_FPSH_web

28 04, 2014

Costalero XV


Show season started late for J’Equestrienne and Jutta Heinsohn as we moved the horses to our home environment and had to settle them in, reschedule their work program, and get back into the groove, figuring out the logistics of work arenas, timing and the like.

April 2014: Our first foray into showing for 2014 was the end of April, and we took just one horse. Costalero XV (Costi) is a lovely black P.R.E. stallion […]

10 04, 2014

How I Met Buck Branaman

I’m a German trained Bereiter, F.N. formerly trained in Warendorf, Germany who has focused primarily on dressage for the past 30 years. In the 80’s (1985) I had an epiphany… his name was Buck Branaman.

I was importing horses from Europe (Germany in particular), training and breeding Hanoverians in California at St. George’s Farm (Moorpark) at the time, now a thoroughbred breeding farm.

My father had sent me an extraordinarily well bred 3-year-old Hanoverian gelding as a gift (Maat dressage lines). As I started him […]

28 03, 2014

Welcome to J’Equestrienne!

We’re just getting started! Please check back to see our progress. We hope to establish this site as a good “go-to” resource for people interested in improving their riding skills. This is Jutta Heinsohn Dressage Training’s new home, and name.

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