Show season started late for J’Equestrienne and Jutta Heinsohn as we moved the horses to our home environment and had to settle them in, reschedule their work program, and get back into the groove, figuring out the logistics of work arenas, timing and the like.

April 2014: Our first foray into showing for 2014 was the end of April, and we took just one horse. Costalero XV (Costi) is a lovely black P.R.E. stallion whom Jutta has been rehabilitating and training to bring back into the performance ring, and ultimately become an excellent partner for his owner!  His first class was a Training Level ride in front of Nancy Harris (S), just to re-acclimatize Costalero to the environment. Costi was a bit tense and it showed through in his general tightness and more obviously in his walk (jigging), but we were extremely proud of him for completing the test and staying with Jutta without shutting down. His score was a respectable 64.600%.

Costi’s second and final class of the weekend was before Marianne Ludwig (S) and was a first level test. Costalero was certainly was more engaged and settled in the Sunday class. Marianne really liked Costalero at First Level, Test 3, and awarded him a 68.621%.

All in all a WIN for Costalero’s first time out with Jutta.

October 20, 2014 – Season Update

A wonderful season for Costalero XV culminated in the Region 3, Championships this past weekend. Costalero XV and Jutta were qualified at First level. During Championships, they competed in a second level warm-up class, earning 2nd place; and the First Level Championship where both comported themselves very well, but were out of the ribbons. With 2014 goals accomplished, Costalero is now poised to be able to move forward in his training and riding career with his owner.

We wish them the very best.