Jutta Heinsohn (J'Equestrienne), sharing a moment with her stallion, KEC Double Diamond.

Jutta Heinsohn (J’Equestrienne), sharing a moment with her stallion, KEC Double Diamond.


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Whether you are an experienced dressage rider, a new convert to dressage, or you recognize that correct dressage work will only improve your eventing ranking, jumping adjustability, approach, and speed, or hunter equitation scores; you know working on your fundamentals, improving your throughness and transitions, and developing physical suppleness and strength utilizing the pyramid of training and targeted exercises is key to defining and reaching your goals.

“I believe a successful horse is a horse that finds joy in his/her work. Since each horse is an individual there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ work program. I work each day to bring my horses along in a way that is both comfortable for them, yet challenges them to reach beyond their individual ‘walls’. If they ultimately learn to enjoy their job, they perform better. Of course a happy horse is not just about training. I participate in developing their overall program from care to training.”

Are you struggling with a particular exercise or movement? Is your horse properly working over his/her back? Do you understand the degrees of connection, half-halts, and how forward is really forward when you keep your engagement from behind without losing rhythm and connection?

Is your horse working to his/her optimum levels? Do you incorporate progressive conditioning in your riding/training program? Do you understand interval training and how to work out the formula for your horse(s) to peak at the optimal times for optimal performance? Appropriate conditioning and strengthening exercises increase your horse’s ability to carry him/her-self better and enable him/her to develop better pushing power for longer periods, taking the load off the front end.

Jutta Heinsohn has over 40 years of training, riding and show experience. She has successfully coached clients through the pyramid of training and levels of showing from Training to FEI, including developing young riders, empowering horse and rider combinations to improve their scores, and to successfully reach their partnership goals, including their ability secure their bronze, silver and gold and/or freestyle bar USDF medals.

JEquestrienne_logo2Dressage is a life-long pursuit and there is no cheating the work without consequence. While it certainly can be frustrating at times, it is also singularly challenging, rewarding, and immensely satisfying when you have those “AhHA” moments. Working on the levels of the training pyramid will help you reach your goals… never underestimate the fundamentals… they are the CORE of any successful program.

Rhythm > Relaxation > Connection > Impulsion > Straightness > Collection.

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