As a dressage rider – whether new to the sport, a long-timer, or coming back to the sport later in life; we all seek those “aha” moments, harmony between horse and rider, and…well simply…JOY. Those moments can sometimes be elusive, and goodness knows dressage is an exacting sport, particularly as we go up the levels. This is where the “FREESTYLE” comes in. I like to ride to music, even if it is background music…I ride more relaxed and the horse responds to the music as well. Today the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), offers Musical Freestyle at Training through Fourth levels. The Federation Equestre International (FEI), recognizes Intermediare and Grand Prix Freestyles.

    The basic elements you will need to develop your freestyle include:
  • Music genre
  • Beats per minute count for walk, trot, and canter
  • Knowledge of the required elements in the test
  • Knowledge of the optional elements
  • The ability to put the elements together in a pleasing and flowing manner
    If you plan to put the music together yourself, you will need:
  • Audio software
  • The ability to find, purchase and save your music to a computer
  • The ability to splice the music together, and above all else…