With 2015 here and a new show season ahead, it was nice for Jutta to receive her 2014 USDF awards in the mail for All Breed and Vintage Awards. Jutta used to “fash” at qualifying for “Vintage” anything (well, aside from clothes or a car), but as the years advance she has realized it is nice to be recognized – shows there is still traceable worth in her seat, legs and hands. Jutta only consistently showed one horse enough to qualify for USDF awards in 2014, and we congratulate Costalero XV for winning at First Level Open, USDF All Breed awards for the Foundation for The Pure Spanish Horse under Jutta’s tutelege. The team also gained excellent placements for Vintage Cup awards at Training and First Levels, nationally ranked and All Breeds. Jutta was also recognized with Masters Challenge Awards at Training, First and Second Levels in 2014.